Designing proper Christian Louboutin Shoes and functional dance shoes will depend heavily on the type of dance you will be performing. The shoes will need to offer flexibility and support in varying degrees, depending on the dance style and the floor on which you will be performing Christian Louboutin Outlet. Practicality and functionality are the most critical elements to consider when designing. An ill-fitting dance shoe can result in costume malfunctions and even injuries. Once you have your design laid out, you can bring the shoe specifications to a shoemaker or even to an online custom shoe vendor to manufacture.Other People Are ReadingHow to Paint Dance ShoesHow to Buy Latin Dance ShoesPrint this articleThings You'll NeedMaterial samples of leather and canvasShow MoreInstructions 1Decide what type of dance you will be doing and on what surface. Street dancers will need thicker soles on the shoes to protect their feet, while lyrical or ballet dancers will need flexibility and the ability to feel the floor underneath their shoes.2Choose a material for the shoes. A soft ballet shoe is typically made out of canvas or leather while a shoe for more modern-style dance may consist of a few strips of tough leather.3Consider what parts of your feet need to be covered. A breakdancer dancing outside or on pavement will want the entire foot covered. The ballet dancer will want the entire bottom of the foot covered, with special covering on the ball of the foot and the heel for traction. A modern dancer may need only the ball of the foot covered.4Decide on how to position the shoe on your foot and keep it in place by developing straps. Ballet shoes often have an elastic band that covers the top of the foot, while a modern shoe will have loops that fit around each toe of the wearer.5Choose a color for the shoes. A traditional dance shoe typically comes in pink, white, tan or black. For a performance or a non-traditional show the shoe can be any color that you desire.

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