Strolling down the streets of New York, Sarah Jessica Parker sports her expensive pair of Manolo Blahniks, making them a Christian Louboutin Outlet household name. Having a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes may not make you look like her, but they can make you feel oh so cosmopolitan. But on the average girl's budget, Manolos are out of reach. Below are some tips on finding them at more reasonable prices.Other People Are ReadingHow to Spot Authentic Manolo BlahniksHow to Buy Manolo Blahnik Bridal ShoesPrint this articleInstructions 1Check out consignment shops or used clothing stores for a bargain. Many times, you can find Manolo Blahnik shoes and many other designer names at very discounted prices. Most consignment shops only take gently used items, so they won't look like yard sale merchandise. These shops are found all over the United States.2Search eBay. Many times, overstock and slightly used Manolo Blahnik shoes are auctioned off at a fraction of the price. Be sure and read the descriptions carefully and check out the feedback on the seller.3Raid your friend's closet. If you have a friend who buys only the higher end shoes, ask her for her cast offs. Offer to trade or buy them from her. Sometimes she'll give them to you to make room for her new pair of Manolos.4Go on a shopping excursion in New York's Garment District Christian Louboutin Shoes. Elegant Tightwad Shopping Excursion offers guided bargain-hunting shopping trips to designer warehouses, wholesale shops and opportunities to get designer clothing and shoes at the lowest possible prices.

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